If you have a leather bag you are very fond of and would like to use it again, contact us! We have all had a bag handed down to us by a parent, a distant relative, a friend. For some it is just an object, but for others a classic leather bag represents a family tradition and symbol.

We, the Terrida Artisans, have decided to provide our customers with the SERVICE OF RESTORING, REPAIRING AND RENOVATING LEATHER BAGS.

Contact us, tell us the story of your product. Attach photographs to better illustrate the situation and condition of the bag you wish to repair or restore. Our craftsmen will make an assessment of the condition of the product and determine how to intervene; you will be informed of the analysis verdict.

After that, if repair or restoration is possible, you will be able to send your product to our Leather Handbags Emergency Service to start the renovation.


Contact us, tell us the story of your bag and send us accurate photos to evaluate the product. Send a message with as many photos as you like to the following email addresses:




Our craftsmen will assess the condition of your bag. If it is possible to carry out repairs or restoration, you will be given an estimate with an overview of costs.


Once approved and paid for, you can send us your Leather Bag to be repaired and restored to start the renovation.


The Craftsmen will carry out repairs and give your product new life. Your new bag will be shipped to you again.

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