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Terrida Collections

Collection Ca D'Oro

A name that evokes intrigue, passion, romance, and charm is the inspiration for the creation of this collection. Its beautiful and precious Venetian brocade fabric incorporate the elegance of the classic colors of the lagoon city. Hues of old red echo the passion and desire of the sensual Casanova, while the gold is reminiscent of the facades of the ancient dwellings.

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Collection Marco Polo

Natural extracts, wooden casks, amber stone and the poen air represent an ancient tradition. These are the elements of a formula that has been respected as it has evolved. The sincerity of real natural leather makes for extraordinary and absolute quality and unbeatable virtue and character evocative of adventurous and fascinating journeys far away in time.

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Collection Murano

A sensual and supple line starts with choice skin and ends with a harmonization of the dreamy romance, the heat of passion, and the color of luxury that is Venice. The finest quality of leather in it's natural softness and warmth offer character and resistance that lasts the test of time. Experience the softness and pleasure is embodied within the Murano line.

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Collection Ghost

The Ghost line is a young line and sporty yet extremely elegant and very fashionable. Suitable for all those who like simple items but always want the quality and beauty in every detail.

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Collection Carbonio

A line joining the modern to rustic, the carbon line is created to be resistant articles, avant-garde and elegant.

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Collection Evergaldes

Supple calfskin with gentle markings evokes images of safari. Timeless charm and the excitement of expedition bring out this line’s portrayal of natural wildlife and our desire to experience the thrill of the chase.

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Collection Pashà

The classic and timeless line: care in the details and in the stitching transforms into travel bags ready for the journey, symbolizing timeless elegance.

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Collection Atleta

A line tricolor born to golf and more. Thanks to the waterproof leather allows its golf items being taken in the field without fear and maintaining their beauty forever.

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Collection Bradgiggs

Bradgiggs expresses through its products the concept of "Be original" in every single hint. It is creating unique pieces authentically Made in Italy with an amazing oriental influence at the same time. The culture of the Land of Rising Sun gave the inspiration to name the products, influencing the creations with the need of order and essentiality, typical of Zen's philosophy. The thorough attention to detail, the care in all the phases of production are the signature of this exclusive project that seeks to create something unexpected  and innovative. Those priorities aim at seduce everyone who wants to feel conquered.

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