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Fast Travel Bag


  • Handmade in Italy
  • Closure: push button closure, metal zip closure
  • Width: 37 cm
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Depth: 22 cm
  • Handle: one handle and retractable trolley handle
  • Lining: lined interior
  • Pockets: internal pockets, single external pocket with zip
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Fast Travel Bag is a trolley that epitomizes the excellence of Italian leather, a luxury product made with craftsmanship in Venice. A city renowned for its centuries-old tradition of producing leather goods. This trolley is more than just a travel accessory. It is a symbol of style, quality and prestige, designed for travel lovers and those who appreciate first-class Italian craftsmanship.

The name “Fast Travel” is not accidental: it represents the essence of fast, smooth travel with maximum comfort. This trolley was designed with those who live on the move and want a reliable travel companion that reflects their active lifestyle.

Italian leather goods are renown for their leather craftsmanship. “Made in Italy” is synonymous with superior quality. The Fast Travel Bag trolley is a perfect example of this commitment to excellence. Every detail is meticulously cared for, from material selection to stitching and finishing. The result is a product that is durable, strong and yet extremely elegant.

Venice, the city of water and timeless beauty, is where every Fast Travel is born.
Local artisans, experts in the treatment of top-quality leather, work with passion to create this extraordinary trolley. The fusion of Venetian savoir-faire and the prestige of Italian leather goods results in a unique product that enchants the eyes and tickles the touch. Fast Travel Bag is not just a trolley, but a reliable companion that accompanies you on every adventure.

Fast Travel Bag is more than just a trolley. It’s a style statement, a testament to impeccable Italian craftsmanship. A lifestyle choice for those who wish to travel in style and comfort. This’s why Fast Travel Bag is a wise travel choice for those who seek the essence of “made in Italy” and the eternal charm of Venice in a unique and elegant accessory.

Art. FG-518