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Terrida srl also does not guarantee that the photographs of the products for sale on Terrida.com match the originals. The way images are displayed on Terrida.com may vary due to your monitor or browser settings, or any other malfunction independent of Terrida srl.
These Terms of Use apply only to the use of Terrida.com website. Therefore, Terrida srl cannot be held responsible for the content and rules, including those relating to privacy, adopted by various websites that are visible on the Terrida.com site through links or banners.


Terrida srl is the exclusive owner of the “Terrida.com” website.
All Terrida.com site content, such as images, photographs, works, documents, logos, slogans, texts, sounds, videos and other materials published on the Terrida.com website, including web pages, graphics, and designs are protected by copyright and the intellectual property rights of Terrida srl and other respective owners.
Therefore, any form of reproduction, re-publication, alteration, use or transfer, in whole or in part, of the contents of the Terrida.com website without the prior written consent of Terrida srl is prohibited.
Terrida srl is the exclusive owner of  any second or third level domains that comprise the domain name Terrida.com (such as, for example,  magazine.Terrida.com).
All other marks that distinguish the products sold on Terrida.com and published on our website are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are used only to describe and promote the products offered for sale on the Terrida.com website.
Only Terrida srl and the other respective holders are entitled to use the marks for which they have the exclusive ownership. It is therefore expressly forbidden to use these brands and logos to distinguish any kind of products or services, including other than those offered by Terrida.com, without the prior express written consent of Terrida srl or the other respective trademark owners.
The products sold on the Terrida.com website are known to the public, so it is strictly forbidden to make any use of such marks that has not been expressly authorised and, in any case, that does not comply with the law.
It is also strictly prohibited to use such trademarks or any other distinctive sign on the Terrida.com website in order to take unfair advantage of their prestige or their distinctive character, or in any manner that could affect them negatively.


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Terrida srl reserves the right to change or update these Terms of Use as often as necessary or appropriate. We therefore invite you to periodically consult the section on conditions of use and copyright, because its content will be binding when posted on our website and from that moment it will be considered to be known and accepted by you.


These Terms of Use are governed by Italian law.
In the case of claims against Terrida srl arising from the Terms of Use, Terrida srl agrees to adhere to the RisolviOnline mediation service. RisolviOnline is an online mediation service provided by the Chamber of Arbitration of the Venezia Chamber of Commerce, by which a friendly agreement can be reached that is legally binding and can satisfy both parties, with the assistance of a qualified and impartial mediator, quickly and conveniently via the internet. We invite you to visit www.risolvionline.com if you want more information on the regulation of the mediation service offered by RisolviOnline or if you want to send a request for mediation.