Sport Backpack front red blue white waterproof leather
Sport Backpack customizable initials
Sport Backpack safe strong resistant
Sport Backpack detail inner part and leather
Sport Backpack front red blue white waterproof leather

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Sport Backpack


  • Material: real waterproof leather
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Chiusura: chiusura con zip
  • Larghezza: 30 cm
  • Altezza: 50 cm
  • Profondità: 19 cm
  • Manico: manico corto
  • Fodera: interno foderato
  • Tasche: una tasca esterna, vano inferiore
  • Cinghie: cinghie regolabili e chiudibili

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Sport Backpack from Terrida Sport Collection

Classicism, sportiness, elegance and versatility, these are the fundamental characteristics of this beautiful and particular backpack. Designed with multiple compartments, multiple pockets and contrasting panels. Organization and functionality combined with taste and style have generated this unique and original backpack ready for adventure and for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and firm allowing you to explore without worry of the load, kept safe by the high quality metal zippers. Personalization is always available by choosing the colors, details and accessories created specifically to complete the sport set. And as if that weren’t enough, you can also add your initials. When the work day ends and the moment of action and sportsmanship begins, you need to be ready. A backpack dedicated not only for sport, but also for adventure, exploration and physical activity is essential. Quick, fast, rainproof, instinctive and highly resistant to face what you want with safety and comfort.

Sport Backpack Art. FG1260-T


The strength and talent of the sportsman comes not only from the inner spirit, but also from the mental stability that concerns everything around him. He wisdom and concentration in the body, in the mind, in the tools, in the objects. Everything he takes part in the magical and crucial moment of the race. A great sportsman has confidence in himself as much as in his bags and accessories that keep his sports equipment and warm them up before the big moment.

Genuine leather tanned in Italy is based on an ancient process. Perhaps it is better to consider it a secret handed down from generation to generation in the Tuscan artisan families. Central Italy is the place where magic happens. Antiquity and modernity meet to forge a highly resistant and waterproof leather.

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