Ancient Sport Beauty Case white yellow dark brown resistant waterproof
Ancient Sport Beauty Case front view leather
Classic Sport Beauty Case
Ancient Sport Beauty Case detail yellow white dark brown waterproof leather
Ancient Sport Beauty Case inner side and pocket cotton
Ancient Sport Beauty Case golf sport set yellow white dark brown
Ancient Sport Beauty Case white yellow dark brown lace pochette hand bag
Ancient Sport Beauty Case white yellow dark brown resistant waterproof

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Classic Sport Beauty Case


  • Material: real waterproof leather
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Chiusura: chiusura con zip
  • Larghezza: 28 cm
  • Altezza: 13 cm
  • Profondità: 10 cm
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Classic Sport Beauty Case from Terrida Sport Collection

Small and practical, there is no other way to describe this gem that is useful for carrying accessories for personal care during training and sports sessions. A comfortable leather lace placed on the side allows you to carry it securely anywhere. Its pretty appearance brings it closer to a clutch bag. This article is youthful, useful and suitable not only for young people but for everyone to carry everything.

Personalization is always available. Choose the colors, details and accessories created specifically to complete the sport set. Fast, rainproof, instinctive and highly resistant to tackle what you want with safety and comfort, so have fun. Original and inimitable accessory, characterized by bright colors. Lightweight, practical, resistant and waterproof. Created to contain your personal accessories and transport them in total safety. Stand out thanks to the products from the Terrida Sport Collection.

Complete your sporty outfit with the bag, you will have the possibility to choose your favorite colors. In addition, if you are a golf enthusiast, the Imperial Golf Bag is also available that can be configured and matched to your accessories and of course to your tastes.

Classic Sport Beauty Case Art. FG1127-T


Terrida represents original Italian craftsmanship because the most important thing is the study and love to create each article.

The peculiarity of Italian artisan production and leather goods is that each item will be different and unique. Moreover, the leather itself is always a different and unique product.

Genuine leather tanned in Italy is based on an ancient process. Perhaps it is better to consider it a secret handed down from generation to generation in the Tuscan artisan families. Central Italy is the place where magic happens. Antiquity and modernity meet to forge a highly resistant and waterproof leather.

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