Marco Polo

The Marco Polo line represents a marriage made in Heaven. Two of the most unique cultures of Italy come together to make a line of bags so worldly and so well composed that they stand the test of time in both quality and desirability.

Veneto, the home of the Venetian traveler Marco Polo is the inspiration for each bag’s purpose. The design aspect and expert craftsmanship is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Tuscany, the birthplace of both the Renaissance mastermind and the vegetable-tanned vacchetta leather that is created in the same ancient artisan ways, represents the heart and passion for perfection that defines the Terrida way.

The Marco Polo collection is the most classic and original Terrida collection and has stood the test of time because its design and quality don’t lie. The bags are made by hand, with leather that will tell you the story of honest Italian love of art and culture.

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